In this urgent report:
FORGET EVERYTHING you’ve ever been told about what it takes to get that "one" girl..

Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand, “friends with benefits” or a serious girlfriend … you’ll discover 3 secrets that you can use right away to STOP settling for the same old "weekend leftovers" like the rest of the crowd..

..and instead start getting THE HOTTEST GIRL IN THE ROOM (..Which room? Every room.).


ere’s a shocking fact most guys will NEVER realize:

You absolutely don’t need wealth, great looks,
or even great “game” to get an 8, 9 or 10 woman. You already have everything it takes.

Listen up, however, because there is one thing you DO need, and definitely don't have yet (which we'll get to in just a second).

Look.. Most guys do settle … but that doesn't mean you have to.

For example, have you ever seen what seemed like a totally “average” guy with an outrageously beautiful woman? We all have!

So what's he doing? What does he have that you don't?

This might surprise you, but it's almost never because of something like money.. or even fame.

But if not those two, then.. What is it? A huge member? Magical powers? Definitely not. The answer is a whole lot simpler …

How To Get Hotter Women

Guys Who Consistently Sleep with 8’s, 9’s and 10’s Don’t Make the Same Mistakes All the Other Guys Do!

Before I reveal some of those mistakes, let me share a dirty little secret about the dating and seduction community. It’s this:

Not all the “gurus” are totally honest about how hot the girls they hook up with really are. Many are NOT genuine 9’s or 10’s …

Rather than get into a debate about who actually dates the most beautiful women, though, I’m going instead to put my money where my mouth is and PROVE it.

That’s why I’m going to send you my newest manual to try today – for FREE – just to prove what I reveal in this guide is the real deal.  

It’s cleverly titled How To Get Hotter Women … and before I send you your free copy to try today, let me introduce myself …

My name is Jason Capital – and I used to be absolutely horrible with women.  Most of the time, I wouldn’t even try because I was so afraid of rejection. Maybe the most embarrassing part was that – don’t laugh! – I was literally a virgin into my junior year in college.

Often I would meet a girl, I’d do everything I was “supposed” to do (including many of the techniques I read in books) … and still it would end badly.  

What’s worse, this still happened to me even after I began to learn a bunch of pretty famous “pickup” and seduction material.

Don’t get me wrong … occasionally I would get a girl … I even had a few “okay” girlfriends in my 20’s.

The problem was that I always found myself in the position where I could never get the girls that I REALLY wanted.

I would see a woman who was just ridiculously hot – and then I would almost immediately obsess over her because she felt totally “unattainable” to me …

Fortunately, this all changed -- but only once I discovered some surprising “TRUTHS” that I’m going to share with you right now.

Before we start, he’s something you MUST know …

The Hotter the Girl Is,
the Better She Is at Reading
and Rejecting Guys …

That doesn’t mean she WANTS to reject you, though. But just put yourself into the shoes of an insanely hot chick for a second … 

- You get stared at and “checked out” all day long. Your every move and entire life is watched,  almost as though you’re under a magnifying glass …  

- Most guys don’t have the balls to approach you, so they “hover” around you. Some will try to be super nice and open doors – others will just hang around and not say anything (very creepy) …

- The guys that DO approach you usually do so with a cheesy line or routine. It’s painfully awkward and you usually try to reject them as quickly and nicely as possible (so you can get the hell out of there) …

- Literally EVERY guy you meet (well, at least 99.99%) puts you on a huge pedestal before knowing a single thing about you …   

- Worst of all, you almost NEVER meet a cool, “normal” guy who can just relax around you, have fun and get you to feel the right emotions …

Interesting, right? I mean … we assume really hot girls have an easy life – but maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Yet the good news is, this creates a massive opportunity for you and me because …

"Who the Hell Is Jason Capital?
And Why Should I Care?"

I used to be bad with women … really bad. Well, actually -- I was worse than bad, because most of the time I never even made the effort.

You know that guy at parties who stands alone in the corner, trying to be cool? I was that guy. I wouldn't talk to girls, mostly because I had no clue what to say or do when I was actually with one.

I was also afraid to take chances. I had some confidence in other areas of my life and a lot going for me overall … just not with women. And it had started to become pretty embarrassing.

One day, after a particularly painful moment with an ex-girlfriend, I had this moment where I distinctly remember thinking, "Man, I really need to do something about this …"

So I began to look for possible solutions everywhere. I read books. I ordered programs. I even tried a few in-person workshops. Yet …

Nothing Seemed to Work!

In fact, some of it actually made me WORSE with women -- probably becauseI felt like I was becoming "fake" and manipulative, which was NOT who I ever aspired to be.

All this seriously messed with my head. Not only did I still suck with women, but I becoming someone I didn't want to be … worse, I was becoming someone I HATED. (Not to mention that I was massively undersexed and becoming more frustrated with each passing day) …

I began to have serious doubts about what I was doing, and some pretty radical thoughts of change began popping into my head -- thoughts that I quickly suppressed because I was still too emotionally invested in all the shit I was learning.

Then one day, I finally just let it all go. I was playing in a Co-Ed basketball league with a super hot yoga girl that I was totally into … I'm talking total "10."

(She was so hot, in fact, that she was actually dating an NHL player at the time.)

Anyway, so we were shooting around and she pretended to play defense on me. It was fun and playful, and as I was going up to shoot, she went to block me. She missed, of course … but the crazy part was that her hand landed right between my legs. She got a little embarrassed and normally I wouldn't have said anything. Or maybe said it was "okay" (just like most guys) … but something snapped.

Instead of censoring my thoughts -- and this is key -- I said EXACTLY what was on my mind …

Now, I won't tell you what I said (sorry, it was just too good to share for free :P) … but needless to say, just a few days later I was having sex with her in the shower.

That Experience Changed Me in a DEEP Way …

Empowered by the moment of truth that I had just experienced, I began to relate and interact with women in a totally different way. And things got easier … a LOT easier. I barely had to "think" anymore about what I was going to do or say, and women would just follow my lead. It was actually amazing.

Things got so good, in fact, that guys started coming to me for help despite the fact that I never advertised myself as a dating guru or expert. It was all 100% word of mouth.

There was just one problem: Because I was a busy entrepreneur with a hectic international traveling schedule, the only price that made sense for me to charge was $10,000 per client. Expensive? Yes -- but the guys who could afford it, and who SAW my lifestyle, never hesitated to grab one of the limited number of spots.

I became known as the "10K Guy" … and my clients were experiencing some of the most unbelievable transformations I'd ever seen.

Still …

There Was One More Thing I Needed To Do

You see, even though I was making a huge difference for a small number of guys … I wanted to reach even more people. Even my $10,000 clients were urging me to share more of the wisdom and secrets -- they wanted something they could tell their friends and other guys to go check out … 

Which leads us to the present, and this page that you're reading now. I created the How To Get Hotter Women Sytstem -- which I'm willing to send you a FREE copy to try for 14 days  -- because I'm that convinced of it's ability to change the way you relate to HOT women forever.

It helps quickly solve one of the very biggest problems we face as guys …  and gives you real, honest adjustments you can make to what you say and do -- starting TODAY -- in order to experience dramatically better results with women.

I hope you'll accept my generous offer. Either way, I urge you to continue reading this page for some useful tips about how you can more easily be the kind of guy that has tons of quality options with women.


Jason Capital

Hot Women Are Actually
DYING to Meet a Guy
Who Understands All This …

Now, you would think that with all this attention – really hot girls might be sick of men.

But actually, it’s the opposite. The hotter a girl is, usually the more starved and desperate she is to be with a guy. The even crazier part is, this is often still true … even when she already has a boyfriend!

Of course, she’s not just looking for ANY guy – she’s picky (she can afford to be) … but that’s actually GOOD for us, as I’ll show you in a moment.

But before we move on from this point, I want you to ingrain this truth into your mind:

The Hotter a Girl Is – The More Desperate
She Is for a Normal Guy Who “Gets” It.
That Man Can Easily Be YOU.. You Just Have To Know The RIGHT Way To Communicate
that You’re Different Than Other Guys …

That doesn’t mean you need to wear big platform shoes, silly hats and peacock feathers.

It just means that you need to quickly separate yourself from all the other men in several key ways. I’m talking about subtle things that make a huge difference in the mind of these types of women.

In order for you to do that, you need to understand some very surprising truths about what it takes to hook up with the hottest 1% of the female population …

Surprising Truth #1:
Hotter Girls Are
Actually Easier to Get
(and KEEP!) than
Average Women …  

Consider this: Does it take any more “work” or effort to eat a $100 steak as it does to eat a McDonald’s hamburger?

Of course not!

Assuming they’re about the same size, it takes roughly the same amount of time and effort to eat both foods, right? It’s just a slightly different process.

And it’s the same with women – getting an 8, 9 or 10 doesn’t take any more work – it’s just a little bit different.

Unfortunately, most guys put the really hot women on such a high pedestal … they assume it takes sooooooooooooooooo much more to be with her.

As a result, they assume they won’t be able to ever get such a woman and don’t even give it a shot … or they presume it takes so much work, they try WAY TOO HARD once they actually meet one.

Now, let’s take it one step further … and this is the real shocker …

8’s, 9’s and 10’s are often actually EASIER. Why? Simply because they get so much of the same thing from guys. The moment you communicate you’re something different … well … needless to say they are VERY excited.

And the same holds true once you’re in a relationship with one. They are so used to all guys working so hard to prove themselves … all the gifts and everything else … they’re actually pretty sick of it.

If you understand them, can be cool and have fun – you’ve already won more than half the battle.

Bottom line: STOP assuming you need to be more of anything – or work any harder - in order to get an 8, 9 or 10 … because it’s simply not true.

Surprising Truth #2:
Hotter Women Are Usually NOT She-Devils …

Most guys get rejected so much – sometimes even by 6’s and 7’s – that they assume the really hot women must be even more “difficult” or “stuck-up” …

Yet it’s simply not true.

Sure, the really hot women DO in fact reject guys more often – but that’s just simple math … they get a lot more interest and attention than other women. So they are forced to be a little more picky and protective about which guys they talk to.

Also, remember what I said about the life of a highly beautiful woman? Well, it’s very dangerous for her to give a guy the wrong idea when she’s not interested.

Again, this doesn’t mean they WANT to reject you – or they are inherently looking to shoot you down.

In fact, if you’re a guy who “gets” it – you’ll find that 8’s, 9’s and 10’s are often some of the coolest, most awesome women you’ll ever meet.

(In just a moment, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to be that guy.)

Surprising Truth #3:
Even The HOTTEST Girls Are NOT More
Materialistic Than Other Woman …

Now, I won’t lie to you … you will most often see 8’s, 9’s and 10’s with rich guys. 

This causes many guys to assume that really hot women are often materialistic and will only date a man with money.

Fortunately for us, this is NOT the case.  

In fact, as someone who EXCLUSIVELY dates or hooks up with 9’s and 10’s … (keep in mind that while I’m successful in business – I never flash wealth or “pay” for women that I hook up with) …

… I can tell you that wealth is not anywhere near as important to getting 8’s, 9’s and 10’s as most guys think it is.  

Sure, women like security. But even more than that, they want to FEEL something exciting and different in the presence of a man.

The problem is, there are such few guys who actually understand what it takes to attract and get sexual with 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.

These women can wait and wait … but that gets lonely.

Which is where the rich guy comes in. He offers security and material benefits while she’s waiting for a guy she REALLY likes …

(Waiting for you maybe?)

And the truth is clear – if another guy came along that she was totally into and excited about, she would leave the rich guy in a heartbeat.

For example, I used to have a friend who didn’t have a house or even a car (he slept on a friend’s couch) … and he routinely brought home 9’s and 10’s.

(Keep in mind that many rich guys are often not actually getting much sex from the 9 or 10 that they date or marry.)

Bottom line: When it comes to having REAL chemistry and attraction with a 8, 9, or 10 – money isn’t such a big deal …

And given all this, consider this question …

"6 years chasing the same girl...
With Jason's help, we had this girl calling me"

"I spent 6 years chasing the same girl only to be put in the "friend zone" over and over by her. Eventually, I just hit a frustration point and went to the best I could find on the Internet -- Jason Capital.

With Jason's help, we had this girl calling me in just a few weeks time, but even better, with all the stuff Jason showed me, I didn't even want her when she came calling -- there's way too many cooler, hotter women out there for me now."

—Stephen S.

"I met my amazing girlfriend"

When talking to Jason, he found one thing in me that needed to be fixed, one thing I never would have realized and once we flipped that switch for me, everything changed. I met my amazing girlfriend a few weeks later and the rest, as they say, is history.

—Eric A.

"His idea's actually work in the real-world"

I've been through all these alleged "gurus" books and courses out there and they're all just a bunch of marketing hype as far as I can tell, trying to get us to spend our hard-earned money... BUT Jason Capital's different... His idea's actually work in the real-world and they work well (the hotter the girl, the better they work). There's no one else even worth going to advice besides Jason Capital. The man is a prodigy.

—Brad G.

Why Would You EVER Settle for a 6 or 7 …
When You Could JUST AS EASILY Be With an
8, 9 or 10?

It’s a rhetorical question, of course. And it’s exactly I’m writing you today …

You see, I HATE settling. I don’t believe in settling in ANY area of my life. Not with my health … not with my work … and certainly not with women.

Life is just too short to spend time with women you’re not totally “IN” to. Period. 

How To Get Hotter Women

That’s why there are few things that give you a bigger boost as a man than making the decision that you’re “not gonna take it anymore” and you you’re finally going to get the women that other guys just sit on the sidelines and watch.

It’s also why I created my new manual, called How To Get Hotter Women… which gives you some crystal-clear, easy steps to take in order to become the kind of guy who gets whatever kind of relationship he wants with women.

Look, I know how bad it feels to sit back and watch other guys have all the fun with hot, desirable women. 

And I don’t want you to EVER have to waste years of your life settling for a girl you’re not totally happy with …  

Now you won’t have to because with How To Get Hotter Women, you get 64 BIG pages of instruction, tips and exercises that makes it ten times easier to attract and keep a true 8, 9 or 10 in your life.

You’ll discover …

Of course, I created this manual because I felt it would be the very best way to give you the simple steps you MUST take to transform yourself into this kind of guy.

However, I also recognize that some guys need VISUAL stimulation as well for optimal learning …

... And they need to SEE all the subtle demonstrations of movement, body language and touch in order to fully “get” what this program is all about.

That’s also why I’ve created  …

You’ll Also Get an Audio MP3 Recording of the Entire How To Get Hotter Women Manual, So that You Can Take the Information Wherever You Go …

In addition to the manual, I’ve also created a special MP3 file where I personally and powerfully read through all the content contained in the How To get Hotter Women Manual.

Whether you throw into onto your laptop, or iPod – there are several advantages to having it this:

1) You’ll be able to get started right away. That’s right, once you place your order you’ll get immediate access to both the manual and this audio file, so that you can download and begin TODAY.

It'll be sure to give you a head start on absorbing the powerful information and processes contained inside.

2) You’ll have it wherever you go. I must admit … it’s sometimes easy to regress in this area, and we as guys need constant reminding of what it takes to always be the guy who gets sexual interest.

Thus, it’s extremely convenient and effective to have this audio available on your phone or iPod anytime you need a quick reminder or confidence-boost.

3) You’ll get to hear my naturally confident voice, tone and inflection. Again, reading is great. I’ve learned a ton by reading, which is why I created the manual.

At the same time, what you often miss when reading is the quality of a person’s voice – which in this case will go a long way toward helping you understand the right (and wrong) ways to communicate the advice inside How To Get Hotter Women.

On it’s own this would be a powerful tool – but when combine the written, visual and auditory learning methods together in one system – the result is an unparalleled learning tool sure to help put your transformation into overdrive.

Best of all …

You Don’t Have to Take My Word for It –
I’ll Send It to You to Try FREE for 14 Days
(Just Pay $5 for Processing) …

Text Box: Image of $5 bill

When you click on the any of the links you see on this page, you’ll be taken to a secure, private checkout process where you can begin your trial.

Immediately, you’ll download the How To Get Hotter Women Manual and your MP3 recording of How To Get Hotter Women.

(Don’t worry – your privacy is STRICTLY ASSURED. All credit card transactions will show up as "ClickBank" and will not say the name "Jason Capital" or "How To Get Hotter Women" ANYWHERE on it.)

From then on, you’ll have 30 full days to put everything you discover inside the How To Get Hotter Women manual into action.

Here’s my promise to you:

How To Get Hotter Women MUST help you attract (at least) the 2 or 3 hottest women in every room you walk in … it must help turn you into the guy who commands sexual respect … in 30 days or less … otherwise you pay nothing.

That’s how confident I am that the small changes in this manual will make a HUGE difference in your life.


Click Here To Try "How To Get Hotter Women" Today!


Cutting-Edge Information … Incredible Value

Now, given everything you’ve seen – how much would you expect to pay for the complete How To Get Hotter Women package?

First off, know that this information has never been released … because this is the very first time I’ve ever gone public with anything. 

When I offered very limited private coaching, it’s been (and will continue to be) at least $10,000.

If I offer seminars with even a hint of this information, it will be at least $1,000-2,000.

And when I do offer very limited private coaching, it isn't be cheap.

Plus … Consider this … most e-books in this niche (written by "weasel marketers" and not actual dating coaches) can cost you as much as $97 (by the way, what is it with all of their snake-oil products ending in the number 7? Like $37 or $77... Why is that?!? Lol.).

It’s clear that – priced individually – each element in this package could be like this …

Now, with all this in mind, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that (after your trial period) the entire How To Get Hotter Women package will only cost you $39.95 (and that's only after your 14-day trial). That’s a savings of over $78 off the list price.

Again, you still have 14 BIG days to try before you make a decision or get billed – so the risk is entirely on my end.

No matter what, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value in this entire industry.

Of course, we’re not just talking about monetary value here, are we? I mean … what would it be worth to you to no longer have to wait and hope for women to want you … only to end up with the friend zone (rejection) speech?

Imagine sex coming easily … quickly … without a lot of work or trying to please her?

And what would it be worth to finally have women PURSUING YOU and thinking you’re “sexy” (because relaxed, highly sexual guys are automatically “hot” and sexy) …

It’s obvious, the answer is “priceless.”

So now, you have a decision to make …

Remember the first two images? Well, it’s clear that you’re at a crossroads …

Imagine how much better you’d feel if you were with the girl on the right? Think about it … how much more turned on would you be with her? How much more proud would you be to show her off?

On the other hand, I don’t need to remind you how many guys get stuck with an unattractive wife (that he can’t stand) …

For me there would be no greater prison. Being chained to the wrong woman – a woman you may have ZERO sexual desire for – when there are so many other hot options out there …

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time.

I don’t want that for you. How To Get Hotter Women was created so that you could get exactly the kind of woman you want … the right looks … the right intelligence and personality … the right everything.

Yet I can only help you when you send for your FREE trial package of How To Get Hotter Women put it to work, and see for yourself how big of a difference it makes.

This is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make … especially since you have only $5 to risk – PLUS the upside of having a whole bunch of beautiful women dying to be part of your life.

Request your trial copy today and stop "settling" for average women forever …

Click Here To Try "How To Get Hotter Women" Today!


I’m sure you’ll make the right move and I can’t wait to see what your life looks like when it’s filled with much attractive women :)

Speak to you soon,

Jason Capital

P.S. You know, I'm not a huge fan of all the huge "marketing schemes" I've seen other so-called "gurus" doing so I hope you didn't mind that I just laid out for you exactly what's being offered here so you can simply decide if it's something you want or something you don't (totally novel idea, right?).

I hope you at the very least got to read the whole letter and learned a lot about the 3 BIG things all guys are supposed to know (but are never taught) about the truly hot and attractive women.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you with all my heart for taking the time to read this long letter (and if you didn't catch it, go back and read Thing #3 about the beautiful women-- might just change your life). Later.



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